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January sale - 30% off extra discount on top of any ongoing discounts

by Sam Hassani 22 Jan 2017 0 Comments

Excellent news! We have just further reduced our price for extra 30%. All items on website are now up to 90% off, as the new discount now applies on top of individual item discounts. Hurry up as this is going on until end of January. You will never again find these authentic articles at these prices.


How do I get a discount?

That's easy. Just add the Discount code: "JANUARY30" during the checkout and 30% will be deducted from your total amount to pay.


After that, just fill in the details and proceed with the checkout.
For mobile devices, the Discount field is at the last page of checkout with payment options.

Discount applied


Last but not least - FREE DELIVERY

Did you notice the delivery price in the last image? That's rigt! All deliveries within UK and Northern Ireland are free of charge.

Now go and get that perfect rug!

Best regards
RugMaster Sam!

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