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Ready for spring cleaning? Here's what to look out for

by Rugmaster uk 02 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Ready for spring cleaning? Here's what to look out for

Most people don't think about the safety of their rugs when it comes to cleaning and dusting the rugs out. 
Their rugs could last well over 100 years and still look like they haven't aged at all if precautions are taken. 

Our experts know that using too aggressive chemicals for cleaning can deteriorate colors. Some dyes are more sensitive than others. With our experience we know where the rug is coming from, which dyes have been used on it and which technique will accomplish the best results. 

Another point to look for is dusting. We use sophisticated machinery which vibrates at 40.000 Hz and resonates with dust particles, and easily removes them from the fabric. If not removed, dust can have severe impact on rug's foundation. It can also dull out the colors, especially the lighter shades. Once you remove the dust, your rug is able to breathe again, and the foundations stands tight together, and the colors look as beautifully as the first day you bought it.

Finally, last but not least. Moth-proofing. As a standard part of our washing process, we will impregnate the rug with an inconspicuous moth repellent which is completely natural, plant based and safe for all inhabitants - on two or four legs.

If you want your rug to shine once again, please get in touch with our team and we will give you a special discount of 30% for the cleaning purposes. 
Call 0208 341 9191 or 07956854707

If you don't take care of the moth, moth will take care of your rugTake the dust out - it weakens the fabric


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