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The Cost of Handmade Turkish Rugs Explained

by Rugmaster uk 21 Jan 2023 0 Comments
The Cost of Handmade Turkish Rugs Explained
Discover the intricacies of Handmade Turkish Rugs and understand why each rug varies in price. Learn more about the cost and history of these unique textiles!

Handmade Turkish Rugs are one-of-a-kind textile artworks. Ranging from simple geometric motifs to intricate floral designs, these rugs have a long and storied history dating back centuries. This guide will provide an overview of the price of handmade Turkish rugs, their history, and the factors that affect their price.

Understand the Different Weaving Techniques of Handmade Turkish Rugs.
Handmade Turkish Rugs are crafted using a variety of weaving techniques. Some of the most common include flatweave, pile, double knot, and symmetrical knot. Each technique is used to create a different kind of rug—from delicate flatweaves to heirloom-quality pieces. The different techniques account for variations in price and complexity, with some taking months or years to craft due to the labor-intensive nature. Understanding which technique has been used will help you determine the value of any handmade Turkish rug that interests you.

Learn About the History Behind the Artisanwork of Handmade Turkish Rugs.
Handmade Turkish Rugs have a long, rich history that contributes to their beauty and value. Throughout the years many weavers have built up intricate design motifs, patterns, and colors used to craft these unique pieces. You will often find organic dyes used in traditional pieces as well, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of each piece. Weaving is an artform rooted in culture and tradition – something you can appreciate every time you look at your handmade Turkish rug!

Consider Dyes and Materials Used to Create Turkish Rugs.
When you’re looking at the cost of a handmade Turkish rug, consider what materials are being used in it's creation. Natural plant and vegetable dyes are often used to create beautiful organic colors within handmade Turkish rugs. By using organic dyes instead of chemical dyes, artisans produce more high-quality and luxurious pieces. Craftsman might also use wool and cotton in their rugs which add longevity to the piece and make them worth the extra cost. All of these materials factor into the cost of purchasing a unique handmade Turkish rug!

Look for Quality, as Well as Price, When Buying a Handmade Rug.
When purchasing a handmade Turkish rug, you should also take quality into account. You may find some lower-priced rugs available online or in stores but understand that the quality may not be as high as more expensive items. Handmade pieces will often feature finer detail work, intricate designs and higher-quality fabrics than those found in machine-made rugs. Shopping around to compare prices is definitely worth your while when looking for the perfect handmade Turkish rug!

Explore the Different Categories of Limited Edition Pieces and Older Vintage Turkish Rugs Available to Buyers Today.
Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade rug or a vintage piece with history and character, Turkish rugs vary in cost and even more so in quality. For example, Limited Edition pieces often require special skills and materials to create, making them significantly more expensive than standard handmade items. Vintage pieces made decades ago also tend to cost more due to the rarity of these special items and the exceptional labor involved. Shopping around is essential when considering one of these rare pieces to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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