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The History of Persian Baluch Rugs

by Rugmaster uk 25 Nov 2022 0 Comments
The History of Persian Baluch Rugs
Persian Baluch rugs are woven in Iran by nomadic tribes that migrated across the region. They were originally used for covering beds and floors, but today many people collect them as decorative pieces.

Where Did They Come From?
The nomadic tribes of Central Asian origin first started making these rugs during the Bronze Age (2000 BC – 1000 AD). These tribes moved westward into what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. There they continued to weave these rugs until the early 20th century when the British Empire took control of the area.

Who Were Their Creators?
The nomadic tribes were not the only ones to make these rugs. In fact, there was another group of people who also made them. They were called the “Baluch” tribe. This tribe lived in the region of modern day Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Why Are These Carpets So Beautiful?
The beauty of these rugs comes from the intricate patterns woven into them. Each pattern has its own meaning and significance. For instance, one type of pattern represents the sun rising while another symbolizes the moon.

How Do We Know About This Rug's History?
There are several ways we know about the history of these rugs. First, there are written records of the rug's origins. Second, archaeologists have found evidence of the rug's existence through artifacts left behind by the people who made them. Third, some of the designs on the rugs themselves have been traced back to ancient texts. Finally, the rugs' colors and materials have also been identified as being consistent with those used during the period when the rugs were made.

Today, the artisans of Iran continue to produce these exquisite works of art. They use traditional methods and techniques to make the rugs, using natural dyes and hand-spun wool.

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