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Types of Tribal Rugs for a Unique Home Decor

by Rugmaster uk 14 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Types of Tribal Rugs for a Unique Home Decor

Add unique style and character to your home decor with a handmade tribal rug! Read our guide to learn more about different types of tribal rugs.

Tribal rugs have been around for centuries, adding unique character and style to traditional home decor. With so many types of tribal rugs available, you can choose the perfect one to match your decorating preference and lifestyle. Learn more here as we explore different types of tribal rugs and their features.

Persian Tribal Rugs.
Persian tribal rugs are some of the most popular and widely recognized types of tribal rugs. These traditional rugs bring colorful designs, intricate woven patterns, and unique charm to any room. Their rich hues and vibrant colors come from natural dyes derived from plants or minerals. Persian tribal rugs have evolved over time with different regions in Persia crafting their own distinct designs reflecting the local culture, heritage, and beliefs.

Turkmenistan Tribal Rugs.
Turkmenistan tribal rugs are well known for their bold geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Crafted by nomadic tribes in the Central Asian regions of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan, these rugs feature diamond, cruciforms, and octagon shapes. These motifs represent beliefs about nature, life and fertility and also serve as symbols of faith or protection. The natural tints employed to create these designs come from imported plants or minerals from neighboring countries.

Baluch Tribal Rugs.
Baluch rugs, woven in Iran and Afghanistan, feature bold geometric shapes and vivid array of colors. The construction of these rugs are composed with a wefted base and symmetrical knots like most classic tribal designs. The bold patterns are often seen as representations of richness, courage, protection and prosperity. Aside from the visually pleasing designs, the exceptionally soft handwoven wool used to create these stunning pieces helps provide a long-lasting rug that is perfect for any modern home.

Caucasian Tribal Rugs.
Caucasian Tribal Rugs come from the Caucasus Mountains region and are characterized by intricate floral designs and bright, vibrant colors. These highly detailed rugs are considered some of the most desirable tribal pieces due their sound construction and carefully crafted artwork. Similar to Baluch pieces, Caucasian rugs often include wefted bases and feature small asymmetrical knots. With over 250 years of weaving history, these iconic works of art are essential for adding character to any home décor.

Anatolian Tribal Rugs.
Anatolian Tribal Rugs come from Turkey and were originally designed with minimalistic shapes and sparse designs. These tribal rugs often feature intricate detailing such as stars, medallions, abstract figures, and human figures. Typically they feature warm neutral colors that accentuate the unique geometric patterns. Anatolian tribal rugs are known for their durability and can last many years with proper care.


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