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Qashqai Kilim Gabbeh (A1490) 84 X 290 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Qashqai Kilim Gabbeh (A1490) 84 X 290 cm made of Wool and Natural Dye coloured in beautiful shades of Gold, Burgundy, Oranges, Olive, Sea green and Blue

Gabbeh carpets, sometimes spelled 'Gabbe' are a traditional variety of Persian carpet. Gabbeh is pronounced as gava in Kurdish and Luri and is also called Khersak in Bakhtiari. A Gabbeh a hand-woven pile rug of coarse quality and medium size (90 x 150 cm or larger) characterized by an abstract design that relies upon open fields of color and a playfulness with geometry. This type of rug is popular among tribes of the Zagros Mountains of Iran, including Kurdish, Luri and Qashqai tribes. The Gabbeh is usually crafted by women. Free delivery on this rug in UK mainland.

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