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Balouch Old Runner (Er916-B2432) 105 X 290 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Balouch Old Runner (Er916-B2432) 105 X 290 cm made of Wool coloured in beautiful shades of Rust, Dark, Red and Brown

BALOUCH Rugs Properties: Visibility: The most dominant feature of BALUCH carpets is a pattern formed by the repetition of highly stylized camel's foot- or pear-shaped medallions surrounded on all sides by geometric borders. The result is a very geometric and intricate design that borrows largely from TURKMEN style, especially in the use of the 'gul' motif. Quality: BALUCH rugs are of excellent quality. They last for many years. Size & Shapes: BALUCH rugs are usually small (2 x 3 to 4 x 6 feet). Larger sizes exist, but are hard to find. Finished rugs are nearly square. Color: Dark red or blue contrasted with splashes of white, yellow and orange. Powerful blues predominate, with ivory as a contrasting color. Texture: Soft wool, thin, tight pile. Foundation: The majority of BALUCH rugs comes from two areas:   The Taimani Tribe in Afghanistan The Baluch Tribes from IRAN   BALUCH rugs from IRAN have white cotton or grey wool foundations. Goat hair is also a common warp material in many BALUCH rugs. BALUCH rugs are made of soft wool, are loosely woven, and are colored with corrosive black/brown dyes. Knots: BALUCH weavers use almost exclusively the asymmetrical Persian knot. Knots tend to be small and tightly packed down.

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