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Bokhara (70b6196) 95 X 61 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Bokhara (70b6196) 95 X 61 cm made of Wool coloured in beautiful shades of Beige, Dark gold and Black

A city of southern Uzbekistan west of Samarqand. It is one of the oldest cultural and trade centres of Asia and was capital of the former emirate of Bokhara from the 16th to the 19th century. The rug made by the wovers of Bukhara are addressed as Bukhara rug. This particular bukhara rag is a great example of bukhara rugs. The welcoming look of the rug, great neutral tone and velvetty feel makes it a great piece of eastern beauty to have. Compare to the quality and beauty of the rug this is a bergain price. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience of owning an authentic piece of eastern culture.

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