Old Tabriz (Er916-B5052) 200 X 282 cm photo

Old Tabriz (Er916-B5052) 200 X 282 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Old Tabriz (Er916-B5052) 200 X 282 cm made of Wool coloured in beautiful shades of Gold, Rust, Olive and Sea green

HANDMADE RUG - NATURAL DYE OldTabriz rug weavers have great are aided by a hook-like implement, which they use instead of the fingers for tying knots. The warps and wefts are cotton, the pile wool and with highlights of silk that can be found in the finest pieces. The colours of the finer carpets are delicate and refined. The coarsest qualities are brightly coloured and rarely exported. A wide variety of designs are seen: copies of classical designs, re-workings of old motifs, and pictorial or figurative treatments.