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Persian Bijar (115179) 93 X 72 cm photo

Persian Bijar (115179) 93 X 72 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Persian Bijar (115179) 93 X 72 cm made of Wool and Cotton coloured in beautiful shades of Beige, Navy, White, Blue and Green

Bijar Rugs are known for their painstakingly elaborate, visually in-depth weaves. They commonly feature this marvelous full colour bouquet of different floral images. The detail is quite astounding when considering the amount colour involved. Sarouk commonly carry a regal European look. What is most striking and interesting about this rug is that how much colour has been imbedded in and around the main tone of that rich red/crimson. This is a unique interpretation of a Bijar; this rug has the presence of a more oriental piece. Basically based on red, the rug offers a vibrant contrast of beige, peach, plum,white and blue to give it a dramatic beauty. The traditional Bijar design with flowery and dimond detail makes it look stunning. This is definitely a steal for its price. The rug will suit perfectly in any decoration and will provide a soothing, welcoming environment. It has been masterfully hand-woven in the best natural dyes.

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