Persian Shiraz Qashquai (324831) 273 X 175 cm photo

Persian Shiraz Qashquai (324831) 273 X 175 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Persian Shiraz Qashquai (324831) 273 X 175 cm made of Wool coloured in beautiful shades of Beige, Burgundy, Aqua, Grey, Blue and Red

The Qashqai are a tribal confederation, who shares similar dialects and heritage. The Qashqai are primarily descendants of the Turkmen and Ersari tribes, many are pastoral nomads who roam depending on the season moving from the Isfahan province to south of Shiraz,persia. The Qashqai weave several types of rugs. A characteristic product can be recognized by its all-wool construction, heavy ribbing on the reverse, strong deep colours (particularly the red), and the use of traditional motifs such as the 'Hashing' or crab. Typically, the designs are geometrical with a row of three of five medallions down the middle of the rug, or in the centre and corners. The whole field is generally covered with small geometric motifs. The Qashqai rugs average 70 to 170 knots per square inch. Traditional Qashqai rugs have all wool construction including wool wefts and warps.The Qashqai are famous also for their artefacts: horse blankets, saddlebags, ropes, etc. The products of other tribes, such as the Khamseh and Lori, are often confused with those of the Qashqai. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.