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Persian Yalameh (Beige) (113378) 143 X 100 cm

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Buy this authentic rug - hand-knotted Persian Yalameh (Beige) (113378) 143 X 100 cm made of Wool and Cotton coloured in beautiful shades of Gold, Burgundy, Aqua, Blue, Red and Yellow

Yalameh rugs are made in the south-western part of the Chahar Mahal district by nomadic peoples of Turkish origin. The town of Yalameh lies slightly north of the city of Isfahan in central Persia and their weaving is made with motifs and techniques that are derived from all the southern Persia nomadic tribes, with colors that are somehow brighter than the tribal rugs. Stylistically Yalameh rugs reveal similarities with the Luri, the Bakhtiari and also the Qashqai Rugs. Yalameh rugs are made entirely of wool with fine knotting techniques of weaving are visible, particularly in the use of Turkish knot symmetrical fabric up to a density of 100 knots per sq. The yarns used for the pile are very soft and silky and this gives the rugs a considerable sheen. The colours are many and bright even though there are some rugs in dark tones. The most usual pattern comprises columns of diamond-shaped medallions with hooked or jagged contours (dyrnak). The field is densely decorated with tiny designs such as eight-pointed stars, rosettes or stylized human or animal figures similar to what we see on Qashqai and Abadeh rugs. Yalameh rugs are made in many sizes, from the small bed rugs to 300x200 cm, runners and squares. Rugs larger than 300x200 cm are not as common. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.

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